Lottery Lost:

Grandma Silverpiece called you, her favorite of the family, to tell you that she's won the lottery!

Unfortunately during her planning on how to spend her millions, she lost the ticket.  Today is the last day and last hour of eligibility and although she's looked through the whole house - she needs help with the last room, her bedroom.  

Can you find her winning ticket and claim her prize??

Dr. EvilQuirk's Experimental Science Lab

(Coming Soon!)

What would you do if you found yourself trapped inside a room with up to 7 other people, knowing that you only had one hour to live??  Come and find out in Dr. Evilquirk's Experimental Laboratory.  The good Doctor has poisoned one of you and you must discover who's been poisoned and the antidote before both you and time expire!  

Are you smart enough to figure it out?? 


331 Franklin St. Columbus, IN 47201

(812) 269 - 6888