What is an Escape Room?

- Escape 812 is an immersive, puzzle-solving, clue-finding game where you and your team are locked in a room to discover multiple puzzles, games, and brain teasers that will lead you out of the room.  The object of each room is relatively simple:  Find the clues to the puzzles that lead to more clues and puzzles within 60 minutes to escape!

What are your hours?

 - Normal business hours are as follows:

     Wednesday - Saturday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

     Sunday: 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM​​

​     Monday & Tuesday: Closed for Corporate Events

How much does it cost?
 - Adults (18 - Over):  $24.50 per person 
 - Students: (17 - Under): $19.50, with an accompanying adult.

Are the rooms ADA compliant?

 - Yes.  All our rooms are ADA accessible and should you need special accommodations, please contact us 24 hours in advance as we will try and support your requests.

Are the rooms scary?

 - SCARY GOOD!  The rooms are well lit and not intended (yet) to be scary.  

Are the doors really locked so I can't get out?

 - Yes and No.  They will be shut behind you for the duration of the game until you find the master key to escape.  The emergency key is located next to the door in case you need to leave. Unless an emergency, if you leave early, you forfeit the game.

What happens if I leave?  What happens in an emergency?

 - We suggest that you use the restrooms and not contact the outside world for the hour of game play. Case-by-case exceptions will only be made at the discretion of Escape 812 Management. 

What happens if I need to leave the room?

 - You will be banished from the city and driven away bareback, on a horse.  Case-by-case exceptions will be made at the discretion of Escape 812 Management.  

Can I bring my cell phone in the room?

 - No.  Part of the fun of the game is exploring the room, without direction, and without any outside influence.  We will secure your belongings. - 

How long will I be inside?

 - The duration of the game is 60 minutes, regardless of whether you make it out in time or not.  At the end of your time, the game is over.

Are tickets refundable?
No. All sales are final. Please be aware that our rooms are scheduled online, so once your booking is confirmed, refunds are not accepted.

I booked a room and need to reschedule.  What are my options?
If you need to reschedule in the event of an emergency, please contact us immediately. We will do our best to accommodate you, however we require at least a 24 hour notice. 

Will my group be the only ones in the room?
Maybe.  Ticket purchases are independent of scheduling, therefore if a room can have 6 players and only 4 are purchased, there are two more available for someone else to buy.
If you would like your group to exclusively have a room, you have three choices:

     1) Have enough people in your group to fill the room to capacity,

     2) Purchase the maximum capacity of the tickets available for a room, or

     3) Reserve your room with less than the maximum capacity and hope nobody

         else books for the same time.

Are there any age requirements?
No. However, we recommend a minimum age of 12 yrs. old. All children under 18 must have a parent or guardian enter the room with them and sign the liability waiver for them. At no point will a group be without adult supervision.  No exceptions.

What happens in an emergency?
While you are in a room, you are monitored by an Escape 812 Gamemaster at all times. At no time will your safety and well-being be in jeopardy; In case of emergency, you will be promptly removed from a room.

Do you provide something to write clues on inside the room?

 - Yes.  There is a clipboard available.

Am I being videotaped?

 - Yes, mostly for sale on an off-shore black market.  NO!  We only use the video for monitoring the game, there is no actual recording of the game, even if we wanted to - we can't. It's just weird.


331 Franklin St. Columbus, IN 47201

(812) 269 - 6888     info@Escape812.com